Chore Charts

At the beginning of the year I noticed my current chore system was failing.  Is it just me or do chore charts only last for a little bit before kids just get bored of them?  I have done MANY different chore charts and when my current one was failing I almost just resorted to one I’ve used in the past.  But I got motivated and created some.  I got Emily on board and she created some charts for her boys too.  I think they all turned cut and they seem to be working {at least for a little while}  I have 3 children that can do chores {Cades only two, a little too young for a whole routine} but I do have him do a few chores…his are the ones on the very last chart. I’m getting ahead of myself, let me explain a bit more. 

Ok each of these first 3 charts are broken down into 3 routines:

  • Morning
  • Afternoon
  • Evening

Most of the these are self explanatory but a few of our visitors have asked what pick up five is.  That is just a quick pick up of any items in the main living area.

The Do My CHORES in the afternoon routine means to refer to the 4th chart, CHORES.  The kids take turns rotating WEEKLY.  As you can see they ALWAYS have to rinse and put their dishes in the sink, and fold and put away their laundry, but the first 2 chores in each week changes.  Cade {our 2 year old} always stays on the last week of the chores because those are the only chores he can really do.


Here are the versions that Emily created.  Pretty similar to mine with only a few small changes: Have a happy attitude in place of pick up 5.  And the chores are for each week day of the week.  I was so happy she made these so I could replace mine with these when my kids start getting bored SmileFramedChoreCharts-4FramedChoreCharts-7

Download, print, and frame in 8×10 frames.  Use dry erase markers for the kids to mark off when done with their chore.



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